Friends of Venus Bay Peninsula has closed as an incorporated group from November 2020.

This website will remain live until the end of August 2021 and we encourage you to download any information that you wish to keep. The website will not be updated during this time. Some of the information, such as Plant of the Month, will be available online in future via the Venus Bay Community Centre website

Wildlife Detective – Do you know this creature?

White Lipped Snake
White Lipped Snake

This is a White Lipped Snake and it is found at Venus Bay. White Lipped Snakes can be seen mainly in summer months and like most snakes they are very shy. They eat small skinks and frogs. Their main threats are from feral cats and kookaburras. They reproduce every two years and are found in Tasmania and on the South East coast of mainland Australia. They are also called Whip Snakes.

The White Lipped Snake bite is not usually dangerous to humans. Ref: Museums Victoria. This is a small species with a total length of less than 50 cm. All Australian snakes are protected under the Wildlife Act.

Did you know that Microbats live at Venus Bay?

Have you watched a bat swooping after insects? Several species of Microbats are alive and well at Venus Bay and they can eat up to 40% of their body weight in insects each night.  Read more about Microbats (PDF)

Mammals of Venus Bay

The list of mammals that are or may well be in our district is quite long and diverse and includes both native and introduced species. Read more about Mammals of the Venus Bay Peninsula (PDF)

Notes on Small Native Animals

What small ground dwelling animals live at Venus Bay? Where do they live? Are they in danger of extinction? What can we do to help them survive?  Read more about the small native animals found in Venus Bay (PDF)

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