Friends of Venus Bay Peninsula Planting Afternoon

Anderson Inlet Bird Hide/Saltmarsh 7/5/17
Venus Bay, Victoria, Australia.

Despite the early part of the day being inclement in nature the rain ceased and the sun shone for us enhancing a very productive planting session. There were over three hundred plants put into the ground and a ground that is often very difficult to dig into.

The site has been a problematic place to re-vegetate due to compaction by vehicles over the years when it was a car park. Added to this the salt marsh underneath has been destroyed by gravel, cement and all manner of detritus dumped on top and during high tides the area is often inundated (not all plants enjoy the salty water). There is human traffic through the planting area and kangaroo nibbling the new plants as well..

Despite all this, over the five years of planting by the many people who have contributed, there has seen a tremendous change to this beautiful area on the Tarwin river with the re-vegetation now beginning to blend into the surrounding saltmash. There is no better affirmation than to see all the little birds ; Flame Robins, Yellow Rumped Thorn Bills, White Fronted Chats, Willy Wagtails to name but a few, hopping happily about in and out of the protective vegetation.

Thank you to Coastcare Victoria for providing the funding for this project and to all the volunteers for putting in a lot of hard work over the years and on this most recent Sunday afternoon.

Heather Shimmen
Friends of Venus Bay Peninsula

Kevin planting seedlings in compacted soil.
Sue, Michael and Mae planting seedlings at the Saltmarsh re-vegetation site 2017.
Royal spoonbills resting near the Saltmarsh re-vegetation site at Anderson Inlet, Venus Bay.