The construction of a Bird Hide platform at the edge of the salt marsh at Anderson Inlet jetty was a major project for the ‘Friends’ in 2009-10.

The location is described by Birdlife Australia as one of the most significant water bird sites in Victoria. An information sign highlighting the importance of this site for birds was part of the project, especially as the Anderson Inlet saltmarsh is habitat for the critically endangered Orange Bellied Parrot.

A bird hide platform along with the closure of the area from the jetty car park was chosen as the best option to prevent the continuing degradation of the saltmarsh by the intrusion of 4 wheel drive recreational vehicles.

The project was funded by an Australian Government ‘Envirofund’ grant with in kind contributions from South Gippsland Shire Council, CoastCare Victoria and Friends of Venus Bay Peninsula.

Construction of the platform was completed in March 2010 and Friends of Venus Bay Peninsula volunteers have since commenced replanting the degraded areas. See our Saltmarsh Revegetation project information to learn more about the replanting.

Projects Saltmarsh boardwalk information sign (PDF)

Bird hide completed 2010
Bird hide platform with information sign.
Orange Bellied Parrot – saltmarsh is important habit for this critically endangered bird.
Bird list for saltmarsh boardwalk.