Friends of Venus Bay Peninsula has closed as an incorporated group from November 2020.

This website is now managed by the Venus Bay Community Centre . The website will no longer be updated. The contact details are no longer current and any enquiries should be sent to

Tarwin Lower Wildlife Shelter & Rescue, contact Sue Moore on 0429 016 695
Venus Bay Wildlife Shelter & Rescue, contact Kylie Laing on 0438 637 683
Venus Bay Wombat Mange Management, contact Sue Flere on 0415 197 313

Wombat Protection Society of Australia Ltd, for information about how to live with wombats please go to

Wombat Mange Management

Wombat suffering from Sarcoptic Mange.

Friends of Venus Bay Peninsula volunteers work with Mange Management Victoria to treat wombats infected with Sarcoptic Mange. This infectious disease is caused by a mange mite which burrows into the skin of the unfortunate infected animal, and causes a slow and painful death. If you see mange infected wombats at Venus Bay please report the location, time of day and other details to our wildlife carers. How do you know a wombat has mange? Look for the following signs:

  • The wombat may be grazing during daylight hours and will appear tame. Mange infection compromises the wombat’s defenses and instincts. At this stage the animal is very sick and in need of immediate attention. Do not disturb the wombat and keep dogs and children well away.
  • Record the location, time of day, condition of the wombat, size and colour. These are important details for the wildlife carer. Do not try to capture, approach, pat or otherwise disturb the wombat.
  • To report wombat mange sightings at Venus Bay contact Sue Flere on 0415 197 313.

Wildlife information

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Marsupial Pouch Checking Guide 2019 (PDF)
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