Friends of Venus Bay Peninsula has closed as an incorporated group from November 2020. This website will remain live until the end of August 2021 and we encourage you to download any information that you wish to keep.

The Venus Bay Community Centre and Friends of Venus Bay Peninsula have an ongoing Koala Project to encourage planting of the indigenous koala food and habitat tree Coast Manna Gum Eucalyptus viminalis subsp. pryoriana at Venus Bay and in the surrounding area.

Coast Manna Gum seedlings are seasonably available from the Venus Bay Community Centre, as well as other indigenous plants for sale.

Koala populations are under threat from a combination of habitat loss, dog attacks, vehicle accidents and disease.

Venus Bay has a small and seemingly healthy koala population and you can make a contribution towards securing the future of this much loved marsupial by retaining native vegetation on your property and ensuring that your dog does not harass the animals. Please keep dogs on lead as many native animals can be found on Venus Bay roadsides.

When driving be aware that koalas use roadside corridors to move around, especially in the evenings, so please slow down and look out for wildlife.

Raymond Island koala print by Jennian Farrington (Bravo).